Diagrams and drawings are two essential aspects in communicating your design ideas. While drawings are often  regarded as ‘compulsory’, diagrams are tools to help your design thinking and communication along the whole process of designing. Diagrams have been introduced as part of a technique that promotes a proliferating, generating and instrumentalising approach to design.

For your studio assignment, you are required to think in a designerly way, thus a systematic way of design thinking is highly expected. This systematic way of thinking and working is not only helpful in communicating your design ideas and products, but also as a technique in generating ideas during the process of designing. Here are some articles that will help you to understand what is diagramming to architectural design.

Click here to download Architectural Drawing and Diagrams (Anna K Hougaard)Diagrams of Diagrams (Anthony Vidler)Architectural Diagramming (UN Studio) and Architectural Diagramming

Please read and understand these articles, then apply them into your storyboard and design panel presentations for the project submission on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.


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