These are some keywords that you have to study and understand their meanings. These keywords will be applied into your design composition, extending your current 3D composition into a more diverse, rich and complex conditions. Use your senses to apply these keywords necessarily.

These keywords are mixes of stand-alone words that can be separated and mixed with each other forming new sets of operations and effects. You may reshuffle them, forming more keywords to enrich your design. Operative and effects keywords were jumbled up in this list, so you need to first identify which keywords are ‘operatives’ and which are ‘effects’.

For project 1c, you will be asked to make a matrix of operative actions and their spatial construct. Further instructions will be given soon. For the mean time, please study these keywords.

Note: you can also use these keywords for the current 3D composition that you are working on, provided you must clearly understand and know how and where to use them in your design.

Operative Effect Keywords


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