To conclude Project 1 (1a – 1c), you are required to prepare a summary report. The summary report must contain the following information.

  1. Your group analysis on each given paintings in the form of diagrams and drawings complete with written description of your analysis.
  2. The application of the analysis into your individual 2D composition, also with complete diagrams, drawings and written explanation.
  3. Your new 2D composition based on the keywords from the workshop conducted by Bpk. David Hutama. Show clear illustration on how you use the keywords and translate them into design language.
  4. The transformation of your 2D composition into 3D composition. A clear written description, process diagrams, drawings and photographs of your study and final models must be included.
  5. Also include important notes from your discussion with the lecturers. It is better for you to translate these written notes into visual notes (diagrams, sketches, etc.)
  6. A brief written summary on what you have learned from the second workshop. You should also include the challenges from the workshop and how do you respond to the challenges, problems and confusion.
  7. Your final transformed 3D compositions (three compositions) created from the matrix and three keywords that you have chosen. The transformed 3D compositions shall be in the form of drawing sets (isometric, axonometric or perspective – you are free to use any type of drawing which best represent your design). Please illustrate clearly the operations that you use in transforming your 3D composition and clearly write and show what are the effects (outputs) that were created from the process.
  8. Your transformation matrix in reduced-size version. You may fold the reduced matrix sheet to fit into your report book.

Please use proper, correct and appropriate language when writing this report. Utilize design vocabularies that you have learned and used in your design. Write in a clear and systematic way, and avoid lengthy meaningless writings. Please use technical letterings.

The report book shall be in A3 size, wire binded with clear plastic covers (front and back). You decide on the numbers of pages for your report. Please design the layout of the report properly. Please also design a nice cover for your report. The cover should reflect the content of your design composition.

Submit this report on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 10am sharp. Your final grade for Project 1 will be evaluated from this report.

Note: Use this report to improve your design. This is a good chance for you to improve your grades for this project. Please also take a look back at your Newspaper assignment from SDD 1. There are a lot of things that you can learn from that assignment.


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