Hand Tools

Here are the list of some basic hand tools for your next project. Please prepare them as they will be very helpful for you to construct your design composition. Coordinate with your studio members so that you can share these tools. Do not waste money buying too many tools as you can share them. Use them properly and take good care of your tools. Good designers take care of their tools.

Prepare the materials (wood) for your design. Buy only necessary materials that you need. Measure them properly. Buy materials that are easy for you to work on. Buy good quality materials as they are easier to work on and will save your time. Recycled materials are allowed (encouraged) but make sure they are in good conditions. Preparing the correct materials with good quality will certainly produce good works. Also do not forget to learn the properties and character of your materials.

Please prepare your tools and materials for Friday, February 15, 2013 as we will proceed to the next exercise.


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