This is just a reminder for Project 2b – Joints, which you have start drawing on Tuesday, February 12, 2013. The project asked you to prepare a drawing set that clearly shows the joints that you use in your design. Remember to illustrate the joints on your design in the most informative way. Here are the checklists:

  1. Draw an isometric or axonometric drawing of any suitable scale to show the joints and your design composition.
  2. Also draw the 2 dimensional projection drawings of your joints (minimal two views) to show the details at the most clearest.
  3. Give dimensions and relevant notes or specifications to your drawings.
  4. Always draw to the correct scale and draw precisely. Remember that your drawings will be used to construct your composition design.
  5. Include key diagrams to help to make your drawings clearer. 
  6. Your drawings must include (a) joints that connects the components of your design composition, and (b) joints that connect the two design compositions. Both sets are to be drawn on two separate pieces of A2 paper.

Use all four joint systems that were given by Pak Baskoro (lecture on Friday, February 8, 2013). The four joint systems are to be combined with any suitable joint types that I posted recently. Please innovate the basic joint types to suit your design. Remember that the basic joints must be used correctly to help to construct your design composition. Do not change your design, but think of ways how to utilizes the many types of joints accordingly to your design. You must solve the problems, not avoiding them by changing your design. However, you may make iterations on your design by still maintaining your design intention from Project 1.

Submit your two drawing sets on Friday, February 15, 2013 at 10am sharp. Late submission will not be accepted and you cannot proceed to the next project.

Note: It is best two make copies of your drawings so that you can use them for the construction process during the next project. Please also use your drawings to buy the materials from the material shop to avoid wastage.


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