Drawings are not merely communication tools but may also act as a manifestation of your design ideas and intentions. The act of drawing extend beyond the representation – they bring in the creative and inventive aspects of design, which, in the word of Peter Cook, as the motive force in architecture.

Here are some inventive drawings that not only clearly illustrate the physical aspect of the design, but also pushes in the idea and intentions of the design, as well as the thinking process behind the design.

We start with a cabbage. Slicing cabbage into half is almost an everyday thing that happen in the kitchen. This image is a very simple example of how a section drawing function to reveal the latent qualities of something that is hidden away from the outer skin.


Cabbage Section

Study the cabbage drawing above before proceeding to the later images. The simple logic of the sectional drawing is clearly presented here. Renderings help to detail the drawing, showing qualities of depth, layers, form, surface and texture. The rendering also help to communicate sophistication of the cabbage’s structure.

Here are some drawings by architects and designers that you can learn from. Each drawings are very different in their appearance, depending on the design ideas and what information the architects need to tell. However, all these different drawings hold to the same convention of drawings, which is the orthographic projection.

Denari 2

Denari 1

Neil Denari


Thom Mayne


Lebbeus Woods

Egashira 1

Shin Egashira


Raimund Abraham

Larroque 1

Larroque 2

Larroque 3

Nelson Larroque

Matei Corvin 1

Matei Corvin 2

Corvin Matei

Bronner 1

Bronner 2

Bronner 3

Bronner 4

Pascal Bronner


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