Now that you are facing a new challenge for your Project 2d assignment, how can you utilize and manipulate materials to realize your ideas? In the process of training to become an architect/ designer, you must make yourself familiar with many kinds of materials. These materials are available for many purposes. The big questions that you need to ask yourself are (a) What materials suits your design best?, and (b) What can you turn your materials into?

Do not see materials as obstacles, but try to manipulate their properties and characters to realize your design. Do not be restricted by the materials, but you choose what material to use and what they can become. Do not resort to materials that are not suitable for your design as an easy way out. Think carefully of your design intention and choose materials that suits the best. Here are some examples on various kind of materials and what they can become.

Acrylic Model


Aluminum Sheet Model

Aluminum Sheet

Balsa Wood Model

Balsa Wood

Board Model


Plaster Model


Styrofoam Model


Timber Model


Wire Mesh Model

Wire Mesh

Wire Model


Hybrid Model 1

Composite Materials

Hybrid Model 2

Composite Materials

Hybrid Model 3Composite Materials

Note: As the rules apply, these are examples for you to study from, not to copy. Come out with your own solution for your design.

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