While intention is the key to design, the subject is the background or context of your studies, and the object is what your intention is in its designed form. These three components come hand in hand in a process that we call designing. In the process of design learning, which composition is one of the most elemental aspects of design, we can learn from various approaches. This includes photography. If you look back to your earlier processes from Project 1, you have been dealing a lot with the subject of composition. Composition, which means ‘putting together’ or the placement of visual elements in a design work using conscious thought comes together with the elements and principles of design. The word conscious thought here resembles your intention for the design. This intention is the key factor for your actions towards the elements and principles.

Now that you have experienced various approaches in composing your design works from Project 1 until Project 2, it is best for you to reflect again on the basic principles of composition (see Project 1a and 1b). How do you utilize the basic elements and principles of design to clearly reflect your design intention? How do you then control your design composition to strengthen your design ideas? How do you present your design intention in the clearest way? These are some questions that may help to achieve a good design. In order to answer these questions, we will try to experiment with a very basic method – photography.

Usually, in photography, there will be subjects and objects. Since its inception, photography has had both an ambivalent and reciprocal relationship with other art forms. This includes the relationship of having a good and clear intention, principles, elements and composition. Your task now is to utilize and experiment with photography in order to extend your understanding on composition. We will deal with the idea of subjects and objects to see how photography can help your process in understanding composition. You will be briefed on Friday, March 15, 2013 at 9.30 am sharp on this assignment.

For this assignment, you are required to bring your photography tool – the camera. You may use any kind of camera. Hand phone camera with good resolution quality is allowed. It is unnecessary to bring expensive and sophisticated camera, as the main intention of this assignment is on composition and your ability to understand composition. Please also prepare your memory card reader or any gadgets so that you can transfer your photographs into the studio computer and share them. We will have a review session on the same day, so please come prepared.


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