This project has an extension in its sophistication and complexity. One way to develop your design is through the process of design studies using models. Remember, study models come in various types and qualities. They can be very sketchy but as your work progress, they also evolved to resemble your final design output. They are also useful to learn and understand material usage by applying real materials on your models. Different scales of the study models will also help in many ways. Here are some images to get you inspired working with your study models.

Model 7

Ramlan Abdullah, a sculptor working with many study models that come in various sizes, materials, level of details and also use them to iterate his design works progressively.

Model 1

The study model from the office of Peter Zumthor. Models are used to study building components such as the structure and skin. Various kind of materials were used to explore different design possibilities.

Model 2

Some final study models by the office of Peter Zumthor. Materials used in these models are the same materials that are to be used for the real construction on site.

Model 3

Some collection of models studying the structure and form of the Beijing Olympic Stadium by the office of Herzog and de Meuron. The models shows many design solutions, offering different alternatives.

Model 4

Herzog and de Meuron’s countless numbers of study models on display at the Tate Modern Gallery.

Model 5

Metals were explored in many ways and techniques. Surface were brushed to create different qualities, thickness and positioning of the materials also create different dimensions of design qualities.

Model 6

Study models by students exploring various types of joints

Model 8

Spatial studies using models, exploring various spatial configurations and qualities

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