To help you to construct your composite composition at full scale size, you are required to prepare sets of drawings. The drawings that you need to prepare are:

1. One top elevation

2. One section for two sides (in total will be two sections)

3. Two details of any components of your composition. Choose the most detail and important components that you will construct.

4. One overall isometric drawing of your composition

In total, you are required to draw six drawings. All drawings must be drawn at the scale of 1: 5, with clear notations indicating materials, methods of construction/ making and measurements. You are encouraged to draw more than the required numbers to reveal more information in helping you to construct.

Please submit these drawings, properly composed on A2 size paper (numbers of papers are for you to determine) on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 11 am sharp on your desk. We will conduct a short review before you can proceed to continue with your making works.

Do not worry on the final deadline of this project. The most important is that you experience the correct process, so the final submission date will be discussed on Tuesday upon the submission of your drawings.

Drawing Format Example

Drawing format example diagram


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