Project 5 will be your final assignment for SDD 2. This project is a group assignment that combines every single thing that you have learnt during this semester. Project 5 is an extension from Project 4, which aims at introducing teamwork in a systematic way. This time, your assignment will have a real context – a physical site that is located within the UPH campus park, which require the site to be analyzed and responded properly. This project will also focus on additional critical issues such as human scale and anthropometric, structure, component modules, a more advance material and tooling usage, ease of transportation and installation, site specific installation, budget control and project management.


The division of team (see list from previous post) will require systematic working methods. A good management and working strategies will help the team to progress well to deliver the final composition installation. Please consider this assignment as an early simulation to working in a real design office, where teamwork is a must.


Project 5 will have a very tight schedule (Week 15 – 18). A well-planned work schedule is required from each team before you start working. Below is your guideline schedule:

Tue, 23/4

  1. Project 5 brief and introduction
  2. Structuring team and developing team’s project brief
  3. Formulating work strategies, detail work program and job description for each team members
  4. Work schedule submission
  5. Identification of site and site analysis

Fri, 26/4

  1. Idea development and schematic design
  2. Site analysis and group tutorials

Tue, 30/4 (Intermediate progress check #1)

  1. Schematic design submission (design report)
  2. Group tutorials

Fri, 3/5

  1. Design development
  2. Group tutorials

Tue, 7/5

  1. Technical studies
  2. Prototype making
  3. Group tutorials

Fri, 10/5 (Intermediate progress check #2)

  1. Prototype making
  2. Installation components assembling test on site

Tue, 14/5

  1. Site installation and technical refinement

Fri, 17/5 (Final assessment)

  1. Final presentation
  2. Submission of final design report

You are free to plan your work system but each given dates for intermediate progress checks and final assessment are checkpoints where grades will be determine progressively.


Each team must work within a controlled budget. The limited cost for this assignment is IDR 1.050.000. A detail project cost estimation and report must be submitted in the final report.


The site for this assignment is within the area of UPH campus park. Please choose and propose your team’s specific site that suits your installation the best. You are required to conduct a site analysis, which the analysis must be included in your design report.


Project 5 is an extension from Project 4, therefore your composition installation must utilize timber, steel and acrylic as its main materials. Other suitable materials are allowed as long as their usages are properly justified based on your design needs.


You are required to design and make a composition installation within the maximum size of 1000mm (w) x 2000mm (l) x 2000mm (h). Please remember that your installation must be able to respond well with the site and the human body that will interact with your design, thus the composition must not be any smaller than the given size.


On top of designing a good composition aesthetically, your design must also respond to the followings:

  1. The installation must be able to withstand outdoor weather;
  2. The installation must respond well to its surrounding site context;
  3. The installation must be able to accommodate basic human activities, which are; (a) walk pass through it, (b) sit on any of its designed components, and (c) provide simple shelter for human from rain during rainy days;
  4. The installation must be structurally sound; and
  5. The installation must be able to be assembled and disassembled easily and flexibly.


A more detailed brief will be given on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. We will discuss the project on that day.

Click to download the PDF version of the Project Brief


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