You are required to submit a design proposal report on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 10.00 am sharp. Late submission will result in reduction of grades. Grades will be deducted on an hourly basis (i.e. submission at 10 am – A, submission at 11 am – B, submission at 12 pm – C, and so on). You report should include the following:

1. Cover page

2. Site analysis

3. Design ideas and analysis (needs, intention, concept, ergonomic studies, material studies, etc.)

4. Design studies simulation – study models, sketches, diagrams, storyboards, site and model montage photographs, written explanation, etc.

5. Design proposal drawings – plans, sections, elevations, details drawn at suitable scale.

7. Proposed budgeting and work schedule

6. Group members data

The report must be composed and designed in the most clear and effective way. The format is A3 paper, landscape, wire binded with front and back clear plastic cover.

Here are some examples of design studies report: Design Report Sample 1 Design Report Sample 2 Design Report Sample 3



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