Final review for Project 5 will be conducted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 10.00 am. Please prepare your final works and documentation of the progress, which must include:

1. Design proposal documents (site analysis, concept, sketch design, schematic design drawings, etc)

2. Study models and other prototypes

3. Documentation of the making process

Please come prepared with your presentation materials. Do not forget to also explain your design and making processes; what are the challenges and problems, and how do you respond to these challenges and problems?; how do you decide on your design concept in relation to the site context?; how do you control your given budget and still be able to produce the design?; what changes have to be made along your making process to accommodate the real site and construction situations?; what interesting details that you have designed?; what are the advantages of your design that you think give added value to your project?; and other important points to help explain your design.

Please prepare a structured presentation. Each group will be given 10 minutes to present the works and 10 minutes for discussion with the reviewers.

All the best and see you during the final review!

P/S: Please clean up your studio and arrange your previous works (models, drawings, matrix, etc.), work station, tools and others properly. We will start the review process with a short briefing in the studio.


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