This is a written exam format. Please prepare your answer on a maximum of four (4) sheets of white A4 papers. Exam starts at 1030 WIB and ends at 1200 WIB. The exam will be conducted in the studio.


1. Please explain, describe, define and elaborate what you have learnt from Project 5 – Composition Installation.

2. In your answer sheets, you are required to use written text, diagrams and sketches. Write, sketch, draw and layout your answer sheets properly.

Pre-Requisite for STUPA 1

Students who passed SDD 2 will proceed to participate in the next studio (STUPA 1). In order to enter STUPA 1, you are required to prepare the followings during your long-term break:

1. As-Built Drawings of Project 5, which must include plans, sections, elevations, two details and one isometric drawing of the overall composition. Please determine your drawing format, layout and scale. Write clearly all information such as dimensions, specifications, etc on your drawings.

2. Prepare a printed and digital portfolio for your entire project from SDD 1 until SDD 2. The portfolio shall be composed on a B5 booklet format (In Design file attached), wire binded, with front and back cover to be designed to best represent your works.

3. Submit your As-Built Drawings and Portfolio (printed and digital CD pack) on the first day of class next semester.

Download Documentation Template


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