Studio Dasar Desain (SDD) 2 is an extension from SDD 1, and will prepare participating students for the more advanced, architectural-based design studios (Studio PA). The formation of fundamental understanding and skills during SDD 1 will be further polished and developed through deeper layers of processes in developing a solid understanding on design compositions, design logics, critical design approaches, design senses and design skills.

The studio will embark on a journey of art and design exposures, learning from the works of great designers and artists. Critical and analytical skills are to be nurtured during this stage of the studio. By learning from the works of the modern masters, students are expected to posses strong logic in understanding, appreciating and configuring every design logic behind the works.

Progressing ahead from the above, the studio will dive into series of investigations on design and the human engagement with it, ranging from the exploration of materiality, constructability, making and tooling, the human body and its senses to the more sophisticated issues on problem solving and creativity.

Studio tutors: Hafiz Amirrol, David Hutama, Ari Widio, Baskoro Junianto


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